Photo Contest: Hot Pics for September

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

9/6/10 Hot Pic: "Under the Blue Sky" by Betty Lee, Brooklyn

Betty took this photo with a Canon Digital Rebel.

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9/13/10 Hot Pic: "Rose" by Philip Shantz, Bellingham, Washington

Philip says: "I planted this rose outside my living room window years ago. Recently, I noticed this perfect blossom during a gentle morning rain so I leaned out the window and snapped this shot with my old Sony DSC V-1."

9/20/10 Hot Pic: "Bug" by Michael Lynch, Pasadena, California

Michael says: "I was taking photos at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. At first, I was going to swat this bug away, but on close inspection, I decided that it made for an interesting composition."

9/27/10 Hot Pic: "Dancing in the Mist," by Jeffrey Kirchner, Orange, California

Jeffrey says: "I took this at Crystal Cove Beach around sunset with my Nikon D300s. I got the shot as a light fog had rolled into the cove."

9/6/10 Runner-Up: "Dragonfly" by Bill McCombs, Crescent, Pennsylvania

Bill says: "I was at an outdoor water plant and pond supply store in West Palm Beach. There were many dragonflies flying around, and I caught this one hand-held, with a film camera. I scanned it, but made no other changes."

9/13/10 Runner-Up: "Butterfly" by George Fritzsche, Los Angeles, California

George took this photo with a Canon Digital Rebel Xsi.

9/20/10 Runner-Up: "Butterfly" by Jim Mullen, Budd Lake, New Jersey

Jim says that he took this picture in his yard using his Canon SX120iS set to manual exposure mode.

9/27/10 Runner-Up: "Lighthouse at Byron Bay," by Hans Samios, Windsor, Ontario

Hans writes: "I got this photo of the Lighthouse at Byron Bay, the east-most point of Australia. I used a Pentax Optio W60--proof positive that capturing a pretty image does not require an expensive camera."

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