Viral Views: Star Trek-Ke$ha Video Boldly Goes Where no Mashup has Gone Before

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Editor's Note: Welcome to Viral Views, a new Friday feature from GeekTech! Viral Views takes all the awesome things on the web and narrows them down to bring you only the very best. Everything from videos to Web pages--we have the gems of the Internet. Like what you see here? Visit GeekTech every Friday afternoon for more Viral Views!

This week's linkage dump includes a Barrel-rolling car, random factoids you didn't know, and the melding of pop culture and nerd culture. Enough with the formalities; let's dig in.

Treadmillasaurus Rex

Take one part dinosaur, one part treadmill, throw in a soundtrack that really gets you pumped up, and you have one of the most addicting Flash gaming experiences on the Web. See how long your dino can survive a barrage of lasers and mines, all while burning a few calories. See it!

Do A Barrel Roll

This man has been playing way too much Starfox 64. Watch as this Internet daredevil really flips out over his car! Whee!

Star Trek: Tik Tok

This is probably the best use of a Ke$ha song I have ever seen. Put to scenes from the original Star Trek, this YouTube video really makes you appreciate the fine art of parody:

Chicken Wire Sculptures

This is a collection of chicken wire sculptures by Ivan Lovatt. People can make art out of anything these days, and these silvery renditions of famous celebrities are just too strange to pass up. See it!


I love YouTube and its millions of videos. The problem is that for every great video, you have loads that are pretty bad. Enter Devour, a Website that aims to show you the more awesome side of YouTube every weekday. Watch it!

XKCD's Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Knowing even one thing about computers usually makes you the go to IT person for the tech-illiterate. Well the guys from XKCD know how annoying this can be and have a handy cheat sheet for all you “computer gurus”. An oldie, but most definitely a goodie. See it!

Today I Found Out

Everyone loves random facts. Today I Found Out has oodles of random facts and tidbits of interesting information. Great articles like: How the blind dream, why a hamburger is called a hamburger, and how the heart works. Bit sized pieces of info that make for great conversation around the water cooler. Find out about it!

Do you have your own viral favorite? Share it in the comments!

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