Pentax Optio NB1000: The Perfect Digital Camera for Lego Fans

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A new digital camera from Pentax is perfect for Lego fans. Beyond all the usual specs, the Pentax Optio NB1000 offers something that's a little different: Its front face is essentially what you'd get if a camera married a box of Lego bricks and had a child.

Mind you, the Optio NB1000 is't actually a Lego-sanctioned product. Instead, it uses the Japanese DiaBlock, specifically its range of smaller 4x4mm "nanoblocks". But although the new Pentax only plays nice with one form of plastic brick, one thing is for sure: This camera still allows for a whole new level of geeky customization.

How about some brick-based suggestions for this playful camera? Why not add a camouflage pattern, write your name across the front, add an extra grip, or build a tripod? If you can build it, try it.

Beyond its brick-based appeal, Pentax's Optio NB1000 is a 14.1-megapixel point-and-shoot camera, offering a 4x optical zoom and 720p video recording for good measure. The camera will be available in a choice of two colors, either white or green.

The NB1000 is due to be released in Japan later this year, and should cost around ¥20,000 ($240)

[via Akihabara News]

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