Bugs & Fixes: ITunes 10 Troubleshooting Round-up

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In the wake of last week's release of iTunes 10, an assortment of bug reports and tips have surfaced. Here's a round-up of the ones that most caught my attention:

Automator actions gone

Macworld's Christopher Breen quickly broke out of the gate with a report that iTunes Automator actions no longer load in iTunes 10: "And if you attempt to create new workflows that include iTunes actions, you'll discover that the iTunes actions don't appear in the actions library."

CD import fail

As noted in an Apple Discussions thread, numerous users find that they can no longer import CDs in iTunes 10. "iTunes starts going crazy. It shows the CD for a few seconds and then starts to jump between the CD and the Music section..." This appears to be a software bug in iTunes 10. A less-than-ideal purported work-around is to disable "Automatically retrieve CD track names from the Internet" in iTunes' General Preferences. Otherwise, holding down the space bar (or Command-space) when inserting a CD may avoid the symptom. For whatever reason, not all users have the problem (I have not been able to duplicate it).

AirPlay problems

With iTunes 10, Apple shifted its speaker sharing feature from AirTunes to AirPlay. The differences go beyond the name. On the plus side, AirPlay can work with compatible devices without the need for an AirPort Express intermediary. On the down side, as reported by Computerworld, devices that streamed via the "open-source daap solution that has long been compatible with iTunes" no longer work. Most notably, iTunes 10 "breaks" the Firefly Media Server: "iTunes 10 will fetch the playlists, but will not fetch any media files."

According to MacFixIt, in what appears to be a separate AirPlay issue, a few people have found that "their AirPort Express devices are selectable but no sound seems to be coming out of the unit." A potential fix is to unplug the AirPort Express and plug it back in, combined with a restart of your Mac.

Ringtone purchases gone

Looking to purchase ringtones from the iTunes Store? Don't bother. The feature has been entirely removed (as covered in Macworld's review of iTunes 10). However, you can still create your own ringtones elsewhere, such as via GarageBand.

WindowShade X and vertical "traffic lights"

If you use Unsanity's WindowShade X, you probably discovered that the utility did not work at all with iTunes 10. To address this, Unsanity released a version 5.0.5 update. Even with the update, a collapsed iTunes window looks odd, with interface elements traditionally below the titlebar visible.

A work-around for this is to get the "traffic light" (close, minimize, maximize) buttons in the top left to revert from the new vertical to the former horizontal position. Even if you don't use WindowShade X, you may want to do this swap purely for aesthetic reasons. To do so, quit iTunes, launch Terminal and enter defaults write com.apple.iTunes full-window -bool YES and then iTunes again. Should you want to undo this change, reenter the command, substituting NO for YES.

Bonus fix: iOS 4.1 finds missing voicemail messages

Shifting gears, iOS 4.1 was released this week. After updating my iPhone 4, a half dozen voicemail messages that I had previously never received showed up in my Phone app. At first, I thought this might be related to my prior jailbreaking of the iPhone under iPhone 4.0.1. Perhaps, a bug related to the jailbreak had blocked the messages. However, several of my colleagues, who never jailbroke their phones, reported the same thing happened to them. So...good news: If people claim they left you a message that you never got, updating to 4.1 should retrieve those messages. Hopefully, it will also prevent missing messages going forward.

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