Photo of Tokyo is 600,000 pixels wide, lets you zoom-enhance all over the place


Jeffrey Martin, panoramic photographer and founder of photography site 360Cities, just created the world’s largest photo of Tokyo. The image 600,000 pixels wide, and it's a composite made from over 8000 photos. It took Jeffery two days to capture the entire scene from the Tokyo Tower's lower observatory roof using a Canon 7D DSLR and 400mm lens mounted on a Clauss Rodeon gigapixel robot.

If you were to physically print this image at in full resolution, it would measure 50 meters by 100 meters (164 by 328 feet). It’s not just physically big, either: At one point, each image took up 100GB  of disk space and the rig Jeffery used to put it all together had 192GB of RAM.

Can you believe the math!?

That’s not even the craziest bit, believe it or not. You can zoom and pan around the photo too, without it getting all terribly blurry and pixelated like how images from Google Street View can be. Check it out! Try to find Waldo, CheapyD’s apartment, or any other weird stuff, and share your finds in comments below.

[360Cities via io9]

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