Veebot the robot will suck your blood—for science!

Getting your blood drawn sucks—especially if the lab technician is new at the job. So instead of getting poked up to six times (this has happened to me), one startup is developing a prototype medical robot called Veebot that’s designed to stick you with needles and suck your blood.


Before Veebot gets its robot vampirism down, it squeezes your arm a little bit restrict your blood flow and make your veins pop up. From there, it shines an infrared light to scan for your veins. Veebot also uses an ultrasound scan to be doubly sure that it’s about to poke a blood vessel, and not just randomly jab you in the arm.


The entire process might sound arduous but it only takes a minute, and the machines have an accuracy rate of 83 percent in testing thus far.

Luckily for you, Veebot won’t go into any clinical trials until it reaches a  90-percent accuracy rate. Hopefully, these machines don’t acquire a taste for blood. I think we can do without the robot vampires.

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[Veebot via IEEE Spectrum and Ubergizmo]

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