3D+2D TV lets you watch 3D and 2D movies at the same time

If you've ever been to a 3D movie, you may have wished you could just take off your glasses to get a break from all the eye-popping effects. Well, now you can. Researchers at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) have developed a "ghosting-free" 3D display that doesn't appear to have a doubled—or "ghosted"—image when you take off those polarizing glasses.

To do this, the researchers developed a projector that overlays a total of three-images: It still shows the typical two images required to create a 3D movie, but the UCSC system displays one additional image that negates what your right eye sees. By canceling out the image on the right, you can see the movie completely in 2D when you take your glasses off.

Meanwhile, if you still want to catch all the in-your-face effect.s the glasses don’t pick up the third negative image at all.

The 3D+2D TV isn’t without its drawbacks as the 2D image has less contrast than the 3D image. To compensate for this, the UCSC team projected a brighter left image that balances the final video for everyone.

[UCSC via Gizmodo / Photo: jimf0390/Flickr (CC BA 2.0)]

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