Crudbox Turns Any Gadget Into an Electronic Sequencer

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It’s not everyday that you see seven electronic devices connected to a sequencer, but Steven Litt of Crudlabs has discovered a cheap way to create a less traditional electronic sounds. Litt created Crudbox using a 16-step, 8-channel step sequencer. It is an open-source project based around an Arduino microcontroller--an electronics prototyping platform popular with music artists and those making multimedia projects like the Crudbox.

To use Crudbox, just plug in any electronic or electromagnetic device--and I mean anything: Record players, power tools, it all works.

Once all the devices are connected, flip the switch atop the Crudbox, which turns on each device by pointing the switch towards it. The sequences are then controlled by the bottom buttons, and tempo by the knob.

While normal sequencers draw from a set of blank sounds, the Crudbox samples a wider range depending what you plug in.

This version is just one of Litt’s Crudboxes. His primary box uses wood, metal, springs, and other miscellaneous objects to make clanking sounds. Watch the video below to see it in action: