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The kitchen is no stranger to technology these days. The most recent salvo in the onslaught of smart household appliances is Chef Sleeve’s Bluetooth Smart Food Scale (funding through May 31st), which offers measurement beyond mere weight.

The initial app design

Ostensibly, the Smart Food Scale acts as a regular kitchen scale. It weighs food while looking sleek and stylish. But it also ties to an iOS device via Bluetooth, beaming its measurements to the associated app. This app, provided you’ve informed it of what you’re weighing, then calculates a smattering of details based on USDA information. In addition to nutritional info, it’ll track cumulative totals as items are added to your meal, monitor your daily nutrient intake, and more. If you’re concerned about your health, watching your caloric intake, or simply curious about the fuel your chemical engine of a body is receiving, a little extra effort will yield the numbers you desire.

Its frame sports backlit, touch sensitive buttons and a scale—sensitive to the gram—capable of safely bearing up to 15 pounds of food goodness. As presented, a glass plate rests atop a solid white undercoat, both of which rest on a base of wood. Android versions of the app will only be considered provided enough community interest. The battery should last about a year under regular use.

With more than two weeks to go, the project has already met its relatively low goal of $30,000. For $79 you can get a scale of your own, and $20 extra nets you a dishwasher-safe iPad stand in addition. At the $149 level, the package features Chef Sleeve’s entire product lineup: the scale, an iPad stand, a 25 pack of sleeve covers, and a cutting board. Delivery is expected in November.

Confidence level

Dimensions and design factors are admittedly subject to change, but Chef Sleeve is partnering with an established (though unnamed) scale manufacturer, so the guts of the Smart Food Scale should be easy to count on. If you’re looking to expand your cookery arsenal, this horse looks likes a pretty safe one to bet on.

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