This six-foot-tall rideable mecha is just for kids, costs as much as a new car

Sakakibara Kikai

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Last summer, Suidobashi Heavy Industry announced a 13-foot tall mecha called Kuratas. Everything about the machine looks amazing—including the ridiculous multi-million-dollar price tag. Nine months later, we now have a cheaper alternative to the Kuratas. Unfortunately, the only way you're going to be able to ride it is by living vicariously through your child's delighted giggling.

Sakakibara Kikai's Kids' Walker Cyclops is a ridable mecha that's built for kids as opposed to adults. It's roughly 6 feet tall and is powered by batteries as opposed to, you know, a thermonuclear reactor or some such. The lime-tinted mecha comes equipped with two controllable arms: One is capped with a claw, while the other has what I hope is not an actual drill.

The whole shebang would set you back around $20,000 and, really, it looks like an absolute dream to pilot.

Of course, this could be attributed to the fact that this isn't Sakakibara Kikai's first attempt at designing children-oriented robots. In the past, the robotics manufacturer has come up with things like the MechBoxer, which looks a bit like an oversized Rock-Em-Sock Em Robot.

Now, to wait for the Cyclops to go on sale...

Sakakibara Kikai via Design Taxi

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