Nerdiest proposal ever? Watch someone pop the question using an aerial drone

How would you go about proposing to your significant other? With flowers? A picnic in the park? A fancy dinner? At a baseball game? If you're this gentlemen who goes by the name of Jason, none of these options are good enough. No, you propose using technology. More specifically, an aerial drone.

Jason, working alongside wedding photographer Chris Geiger, put together this marriage proposal for the ages. After telling his girlfriend Christina to meet at Alamo Square in San Francisco to take some photos, a drone helicopter (which appears to be a quadrotor of some sort) flies in with a ring on board.

The drone lands and delivers the ring, Jason gets down on one knee, and, well, you can watch the rest for yourself.

It's definitely one of the geekiest and most clever wedding proposals I've seen. It might be right up there with the proposal via modded Portal 2 levels and the proposal using memes.

Congratulations, Jason and Christina; here's to a long, happy life together.

[Chris Geiger/YouTube via Gizmodo]

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