Raptuya is Skynet--I mean, a robot cloud network

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Still think Skynet is a robopocalypse conspiracy theory? Nope. In fact, a group of European researchers from five different labs are already put together a robot cloud network.

Raptuya is a cloud-based, open-source robotics platform developed as part of the European RoboEarth Project. Also known as the RoboEarth Cloud Engine, the system allows robots to upload their experiences to a database, learn skills from downloaded data, and even be remotely controlled.

Raptuya (named after the robot-filled world in Miyazaki's Castle In The Sky) is designed to be a “World Wide Web” that robots can use to upload and download information. For example, a robot built to manage a store can upload its programing to the Web and download information on how to act out in a feature production .

The cloud computing system was designed to get a robot walking around and talking sooner than they would if everything had to be programmed from scratch. While the cloud takes care of some of the bots' more basic functions, the robots can focus on cataloging new objects and situations they encounter, and sending that data back to Raptuya.

At the same time, a cloud-based system such as this allows the robot to operate semi-autonomously without needing as much serious computational hardware onboard, so the technology could be ideal for lightweight machines like drones or self-driving cars.

It’s a neat idea that could make robot development even faster... but at the same time, it’s making robot development faster.

[Raptuya via SlashGear]

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