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Android: Michelle Walker

Michelle Walker

The artist: Michelle Walker is a San Francisco-based wedding, travel, portrait, and dog photographer. A formally trained photographer, she prefers a photojournalistic approach to her work—honest, meaningful, and gorgeous. She runs her own photography business, Michelle Walker Photography.

The smartphone: HTC EVO 4G LTE, 8 megapixels


Ton Sai Bay, Thailand

Michelle Walker
Umbrellas: Ton Sai Bay, Thailand

I love the colors in this photograph—they make me remember exactly what it's like to be on that beach! I took this using the depth-of-field setting in the native Android camera app.  This is a great setting for creating shallow bokeh (from the Japanese word boke, which means "blur" or "haze") that draws the viewers’ attention to the area of the image in focus.


Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Michelle Walker
Sailboat: Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

This photo was taken from a small dinghy looking out at our boat.  We were exploring the limestone "krasts" found in the bays of southern Thailand. This particular krast had a cave that opened onto an idyllic small beach—it was like we were the first people ever there!  I took this image using only the built-in camera function; no special settings.


Koh Phak Bia, Thailand

Michelle Walker
Sunset: Koh Phak Bia, Thailand

This was taken at sunset from the deck of our sailboat. I love the warmth of this photograph and the way the sun glows, creating a silhouette of the island. The color is true—I used no special settings. This image demonstrates how good the phone’s camera is—we were moving pretty quickly along the water, but the camera was able to capture the image with no movement.


Kamala, Palace of the Elephants Theater, Thailand

Michelle Walker
Tusks: Kamala, Palace of the Elephants Theater, Thailand

This image was taken at FantaSea in Kamala, a place inspired by Thailand’s rich and exotic heritage. Using the depth-of-field setting, I was able to focus on the temple behind the elephants' heads. I love how timeless this photo is—it looks like it could have been taken 100 years ago at an ancient temple.



Michelle Walker
Trees: Beijing

I took this on our way back to the airport, with no special settings. I love how the trees are silhouetted against the cold, gray sky. It’s an evocative image—one of my favorites from the trip.

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