Animatronic mannequins mimic your movements, keep you from window-shopping

Window shopping is supposedly meant to save you money or to help you gather ideas for your next shopping trip, but I’d argue it leads to money being spent. If you’re greeted with these weird moving mannequins though, you might re-think your window-shopping ways.

Japanese clothing brand United Arrows updated one of its window displays in Tokyo to include MarionetteBots, robotic mannequins that copy the movements of passers-by. MarionetteBot runs off a Microsoft Kinect system, with 16 wires attached to the mannequin’s body. These wires help tilt the motorized arms, legs, head, and more so the two bots mimic your movements in front of the store.

It’s certainly one way to draw attention to your brand, but personally I see it as a reason to run away. Then again, it’s funny watching the mannequin robot attempt to dance like a human. Perhaps it would it bow down to me…

[YouTube viaUbergizmo and Akihbara News]

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