This robot sneaks around like a ninja (and other stuff you missed)


Fun fact: Super Bowl Sunday is supposedly the second most gluttonous day of the year in the US. Luckily for you, GeekBytes comes without those pesky calories. In today’s edition, we check out a robot that teaches how to go stealth, a ridiculous LA Noire blooper reel, and a great video about Gerald Carr’s life at NASA.

Robot teaches you the art of stealth, by using noise elsewhere [New Scientist]

If you wanted to get about undetected, CSIRO’s new robot has a tip or two for you. Using an on-board microphone, the bot can listen for ambient sounds that can "mask its movements," according to New Scientist. Impressive, but I don't think we can expect robotic ninjas anytime soon. [via Gizmodo]

NASA astronaut’s life explained in animated form [TED]

If you wanted to gain insight into what it takes to be an astronaut for NASA, this animated TED Talk will certainly capture you attention. Astronaut Jerry Carr talks about his time spend aboard the Skylab space station with the backdrop of Sharon Coleman Graham’s animation. [via Laughing Squid]

L.A. Noire bloopers are the funniest thing you’ll see all day [YouTube]

Bloopers at the end of animated movies always feel a little forced. Maybe it’s because they’re completely made up. What’s so awesome about these L.A. Noire bloopers is that they are genuine gags, made possible by Team Bondi’s MotionScan technology, which accurately captures facial gestures as they happen. Watch and giggle as animated detectives flub their lines. [via Penny Arcade Report]

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