Leikr GPS sports watch promises color maps and exercise plans

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The sleek-looking Leikr (funding through February 1) has some impressive people working behind the scenes. They’re a group of Nokia engineering alumni and diehard athletes, to boot. However, great pedigree is seldom enough. The idea itself needs to be solid and the Leikr is heavy with potential.

A training GPS watch with a 2-inch high resolution color screen protected by [Gorilla Glass](http://www.corninggorillaglass.com), the Leikr has a custom-made GPS system that the developers have described as “snapping fast”, a battery life of six hours, on-board maps from [OpenStreetMap](http://www.openstreetmap.org), wireless connectivity, an association with online sports community [Endomondo](http://www.endomondo.com), an assortment of workout plans and programs, and Linux underpinnings. The Leikr Team even showed off the product at CES this year.

The project currently seems well on its way to its $250,000 funding goal, and the lesser pledge slots have already filled up. Backers who pledge $299 can still get a Leikr in June (assuming all comes to fruition).

Confidence level

While the market is currently flooded with Android and Apple-related products, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Nokia is still stoically plodding along. As such, the knowledge that former Nokia employees involved with developing several Nokia smartphones are helming the creation of the Leikr is something that puts me more at ease.

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