HMDX gets jamming with six new Bluetooth audio products (video)

Jam Fusion headphones

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LAS VEGAS—Located in a super colorful booth that sort of makes you feel like you're outside is HMDX and its Jam lineup of speakers and headphones. The JAM line offers a modest selection of speakers—all of which are Bluetooth-enabled for wireless connection. But in case you want to use them without Bluetooth, JAM speakers feature a line-in cable that lets you use them with anything that has an headphone port.

Not only that, but all of the Jam devices include rechargeable batteries so you won't have to stock up on D-cells before your next vacation.

The Jam Plus, which can be linked to others for a better stereo experience

A few of the devices, specifically HMDX's Jam Fusion headphones and Jam Plus wireless speaker, include the ability to bridge any two of the devices in question to share the same audio across them. That means that if you and your buddy both have Jam Fusion headphones on, you can listen to the same tunes off of one device.

The Jam Plus wireless speaker lets you link two devices as well, and also features a switch on the underside so that you can set them up as dedicated left and right side speakers. This can do a lot to enhance the quality of your stereo sound when on the go, or even just help fill a larger space with music.

Jam Fusion headphones, collapsable with hands-free mic for bluetooth calls

The Jam Splash is HMDX's water-resistant speaker, aimed at use in the shower or by the pool. Note that it's water-resistant, not waterproof, and it doesn't seem like it would survive long completely submerged. Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, if you like music in the shower, your phone can be a safe 30 feet away from the splashing and steam, and you can listen to all the One Direction you want (we won't judge). The Jam Splash also has a built-in speakerphone that lets you take calls in the shower—just make sure it isn't your boss calling first.

Other new products include a Bluetooth alarm clock dubbed the Jam Zzz, which, according to HMDX, is able to dock any smartphone. It also has all the features you would expect to come with an alarm clock, such as a snooze feature. The Jam Party is HMDX's biggest portable speaker, and it's capable of going 8 hours between charges. It features 4 stereo speakers, making it louder than any of the company's other portable speaker systems.

Jam Party, the power hitter in the Jam lineup

The new Jam collection will become available in the spring and summer of 2013, and will cost anywhere from $50 for the Jam Classic to $120 for the Jam Party.

Here's a quick look at the new Jam products:

  • The $60 Jam Plus, a Bluetooth speaker that can be paired with a second Jam Plus to create true stereo sound
  • The $80 Jam Splash, a water-resistant speaker for shower or poolside
  • The rechargeable $90 Jam Fusion headphones, which can be paired to a second set of headphones
  • The rugged $70 Jam XT speaker
  • The $120 Jam Party, which integrates four separate speakers for your portable party music

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