Haier’s blender charges by resting on the countertop (video)

LAS VEGAS—The Chinese company Haier demonstrated at CES on Tuesday a wireless blender powered by an electric transmitter that hides beneath your kitchen countertop. The wireless coupling technology is similar to the tech used in conductive charging mats for laptops. Just set the blender on top of the counter for a while then pick it up and blend your ingredients into liquid.

Haier is currently testing the product in China, but is showing the blender as an example of its smart living line of wireless, app-controlled machines. Haier says its connected home is completely wireless, from its smart televisions to its cord-free kitchen.

“You don’t want to clutter your kitchen with all these wired appliances,” Kenji Higa, Haier America’s digital products specialist, said Tuesday as the company’s booth opened for CES. Eventually, your entire kitchen could serve as a powering station, the company says.

Haier also plans to bring 3D, double-drive washing machines to these shores. The machine’s top and bottom halves spin in opposite directions for a better, cleaner wash.

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