DIY time-lapse rig lets you produce impressive videos, makes friends jealous

Rick Adam

Time-lapse videos always look amazing when coupled with a decent camera and a bit of patience. If you want to make your own, you can mount your camera on a dolly, which automatically triggers the camera shutter and moves it along a track. You could always buy a time-lapse rig, or you could go the GeekTech way: build one with a Raspberry Pi.

The RasPiLapse project by Rick Adam helps you build your own rig from scratch in an affordable manner. The electronics end of the project works off of two important circuits: the camera trigger and the motor control. These circuits allows the Raspberry Pi, which serves as the controller, to focus the camera, snap the photos, and move it along the track.

To command the rig, Rick uses Bluetooth to connect his phone via an app to the Raspberry Pi controller to tell it what to do.

Finally, the rig itself is made from aluminum U-tubes, an aluminum sheet, a ball mount from a tripod, and a pulley system made with a timing belt Rick found on eBay. Four AA batteries power it, and of course a hefty motor pulls the camera along the tracks.

The result? Check out the video below:

If you want to make your own RasPiLapse rig, Rick has lots of help on his website.

[RasPiLapse via Adafruit]

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