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It'll give you a five-second head start. Run.

The dreams of sugarplums dancing in our heads can now be replaced with the new American nightmare of a crawling hexapod bot connected to a set of flying quadrotors. As reported by Gizmodo, the team over at Mad Lab Industries managed to connect the six-legged robot with a quadcopter. The resulting creation will surely doom us all, or at least, pick up small objects off the ground while hovering several feet in the air.

Better known for their occasional pop and lock routines, the hexapods provides a cost-efficient yet durable robot that can take on any obstacle such as rocks, uneven terrain, or the dead that will surely come from the resulting robot wars yet to come. The base frame allows for easy customization such as sensors to detect changes in the environment.

Mad Lab Industries took this design, reconstructed the body with lighter material, and attached it to a set of quadrotors. As you can see in the video, the robot still requires a pair of handlers in order to hover in the air and operate the legs of the hexapod. We can rest easy for now knowing that man is still the master of this flying Frankenstein.

That is, unless they start talking to the team over at GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania.

With flying robots that move in formation through obstacles and come in various sizes, the engineers over at GRASP Labs have shown that such devices have the mobility to carry out complex operations without the aid of man holding the controller. In its latest video, the team demonstrates how the flying bots move in formation easily while adjusting for air currents and through small openings. Sure, they may try to win the crowds over with a fairly good rendition of the James Bond theme, but as soon as you give them a pair of legs, it’s going to be all over for humanity.

Enjoy your stay at the top for now, humans. The team over at Mad Lab Industries wants to bring the robot apocalypse to you as they toy with the idea of setting up a Kickstarter to put one of these machines in every home.

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