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This was a significant year for TechHive—largely because it was our first year as your source for technology news. We made our official debut on September 14 after a few months in beta form.

We thought it might be a fun way to close out 2012 with a look at the stories that garnered the most reader interest in 2012. The articles below are the most-read stories from the past year, including ones we published during our beta period. You find the mix of mobile, camera, and Web news, reviews, and how-tos we hope to bring you in 2013 and beyond.

Here’s a look back at the stories that caught your attention in 2012.

1. How rock concerts works

You don’t need a backstage pass to find out how technology influences the concerts you enjoy. Mark Sullivan’s guide provides all the information you need.

2. How to get a free Ivy League education online

Here’s a way to go back to school without anyone ever bringing up your SAT scores.

3. Surface vs iPad vs Galaxy vs Kindle Fire HD: Battle of the $500 tablets

The next time someone quizzes you about the differences between the iPad, Galaxy Note, and Kindle Fire HD, point them toward Daniel Ionescu’s head-to-head-to-head comparison.

3. iPhone 5 vs. the competition: It stacks up pretty well

As helpful as this smartphone comparison chart was, the headline didn’t exactly build suspense as to how well the iPhone 5 measured up to rival models.

4. iOS 6 jailbreak is here, but not for iPhone 5 or iPad

The waiting is sometimes the hardest part—though shortly after we posted this article, a developer successfully jailbroke an iPhone 5.

5. Inside the Magnavox Odyssey, the first video game console

Who doesn’t enjoy a stroll down memory lane? Especially when that stroll takes you past the innards of a 40-year-old gaming console?

6. Kindle Fire HD review: A big improvement from Amazon

We were duly impressed with Amazon’s sophomore effort in the tablet market.

7. Why iPhone photographers should get Camera Awesome right now

We assume if you read this article when it appeared in April, you downloaded the app and already know the reasons why.

8. Music ID app face-off: Shazam vs. SoundHound

Two music ID apps enter, one leaves in Michael Gowan’s head-to-head battle.

9. A simple fix for when your iPhone won’t charge

Lex Friedman’s first-hand experience can come in handy if you’re having iPhone charging woes.

10. How to back up your Android phone

Android is the most widely used mobile platform, so it’s easy to see why readers might have an interest in protecting themselves from data loss.

11. How to connect your iPhone to your HDTV

From cables to AirPlay, this how-to covered all the connection possibilities.

12. Digital camera buying guide

We hope you went through the holiday shopping season armed with Tim Moynihan’s sound advice.

13. How to change your DSLR lens the right way

We’re glad this article proved much more popular than “How to change your DSLR lens in a disastrous way that will end in tears.”

14. Hands on with Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin Adapters

Dan Frakes puts the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter to the test so that you don’t have to.

15. The roots of social networking

This slideshow highlighted some old-timey social networks—your CompuServes, your Usenets, your Prodigys—so that you kids can see how good you have it today with your pokes and your retweets.

16. Evernote vs. OneNote: Note-taking apps showdown

It should be abundantly clear by now that we enjoy having apps fight it out for our affection.

17. Review: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite really shines

Another tablet from Amazon gets its moment in the spotlight.

18. Giant glass balls might be the future of solar power

We’re pretty sure we had you at “giant glass balls.”

19. AT&T to pay $700,000 fine and refund wireless customers over billing error

AT&T’s misfortune was your gain—provided you had a pay-as-you-go plan at some point in the past.

20. Stylus Shoot-Out: Which writing stylus will reign supreme?

The first installment of Serenity Caldwell’s stylus showdown looked at how these tablet input devices fared with the written word.

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