Don't try this paintball-equipped drone hack at home

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paintball droneDanger Info

Getting shot repeatedly during a paintball session sucks. Not only does it make it obvious that you’re losing thanks the amount of paint on your armor, but paintballs can also really hurt. This is why a DIY project with a little geek know-how could not only give you an (unfair) advantage on the field, but also make those paintballs hurt your opposing team more.

Milo Danger from Danger Info built a flying drone armed with a paintball gun to study civilian warfare, and what could happen if these sorts of drones fall into the wrong hands. In addition to flying around and surveying your opponents, you can also shoot them with a paintball or two from the comfort of your hiding place—just let the drone to the work.

Milo basically bought a drone from a store and customized it using tutorials he found online. His drone has six rotors for better flight control, plus a remote video transmission system for spying on ground “troops.”

Don't try this at home! As a rule of thumb, you probably shouldn't arm a drone aircraft with weaponry, lethal or otherwise—I imagine there are all sorts of legal issues that would come into play. As Milo also points out, you shouldn't use a drone to spy on your neighbors, as this too could result in a jail sentence.

Check out Milo’s video below to see the paintball drone in action, and his conclusion on building armed drones (spoiler: you probably shouldn't make one).

[Danger Info via Ubergizmo]

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