Brick-laying robot lets you literally roll out your next driveway

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Brick machineTiger Stone/ Vanku BV

Unless you’re a bricklayer by trade, you probably don't want to spend time bricking up your weary-looking driveway. It’s tiring and pretty miserable in bad or hot weather. If this is the case, just get a machine to run off the new patterned driveway instead.

The Dutch-born Tiger Stone machine is a long path-layer on wheels, basically. You feed it bricks at the top, and a perfectly laid pavement or driveway comes out the other side. It seems to work a little like a printer, except it uses bricks instead of paper (and that makes it a lot more interesting to watch than an inkjet!).

Tiger Stone can lay around 358 square yards of bricks each day (about 3222 square feet), and it will easily cover a driveway or path of up to six feet wide in a single pass. In addition to the lattice pattern it lays out, the machine will also add the edge finish, keeping things tidy.

Vanku BV, the creator behind the brick-layer, believes the machine will improve working conditions. Not only can this spare you from a stiff back at the end of the day, but it means that those who are partially disabled can also help operate the machine.

Don’t worry, builders and bricklayers, you won’t be obsolete just yet: Tiger Stone does require some input from humans. It needs someone at the top to not only feed bricks in, but also organize the patterns it will lay out. This is one instance humans and machine can work in perfect harmony and create the prefect outdoor surface.

[Tiger Stone via Design You Trust]

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