This is the longest word in the English language (and other things we didn’t cover)

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Now that’s it’s the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving weekend, it’s officially a normal week again without leftovers or any Cyber Monday deals—that is, until this week becomes instated as Cyber Week. Today we’ve got some serious news to share, including a robopocalypse research center and mannequins that can see you.

The English language's longest word is... [YouTube]

This is the longest word in the English language and it’s actually the chemical name of titan (aka connectin). It’s made up of a total of 189,819 letters, and yes, you can pronounce it…in 3.5 hours. While you might not end the world by pronouncing it, if you put it on a billion scrabble boards you might just break that infinite-word score. [via Geekologie ]

Don’t blink, the mannequins are watching you [Bloomberg]

If you ever had the feeling those faceless mannequins were watching you shop, well, now they can. These EyeSee mannequins come equipped with a built-in camera that can be used to identify shoppers based on their age, gender, race, and their facial features. Almax SpA, the company behind EyeSee, is rolling out their doll to retail stores in Europe and the US. [via Engadget]

Finally, some serious robopocalypse deliberations [PhysOrg]

Here at GeekTech, we always joke about the coming robopocalypse with Skynet and robots that can run us down anywhere. Next year, however, the University of Cambridge will open up a new center that will actually take a scientific look at the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. Although with a name like the Center for the Study of Existential Risk, it sounds they are already here along withHell Boy. [via The Verge]

How predictable are you? [YouTube]

Richard Wiseman has a YouTube game for you. Richard predicts you will always pick a certain tile in his little puzzle based on psychology and some arithmetic. Let us know if you fell for it in the comments below. [via The Awesomer ]

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