10 great Black Friday HDTV deals

10 great Black Friday HDTV deals

10 Black Friday HDTV Deals for 2012

Can you deal with crowded parking lots, mobs of people, and overheated stores? If the answer is yes, you've got a good chance of scoring a great deal on an HDTV.

Whether you're shopping for a screen big or small, 3D or not, we can help. We've rounded up some of the best deals out there, so you don't have to.

Happy shopping!

Walmart: Orion 24-Inch HDTV, $78

Specs: 24-inch, 720p, 60Hz

Bottom Line: At just $78, this TV is about as cheap as an HDTV gets.

It may not be the biggest, flashiest HDTV on the market, but at this price, who cares? It could be a good choice for a TV in a kid's room or a dorm room.

Target: Apex 32-Inch HDTV, $147

Model Number: LD3288M

Specs: 32-inch, 720p, 60Hz

Bottom Line: No, it doesn't have the greatest specs we've ever seen. But it does have a darn good price: at $147, this TV is more than $100 off its regular price of $250.

It's a good bargain for a versatile-sized TV that will fit in a variety of rooms. We can't vouch for its performance, but at this price, it could be a good model to put in a kitchen or playroom.

And don't be scared by a set that features 720p resolution, not at this screen size anyway: with a screen that's less than 40 inches, your eyes aren't likely to pick up the difference in resolution that a 1080p set would offer.

Kmart: Proscan 32-Inch HDTV, $97

Model Number: PLCD3283B

Specs: 32-inch LCD

Bottom Line: We don't know much about this TV: Kmart's Black Friday flyer says only that it normally sells for $250, and Proscan's site has little to no details. But we do know this: If you thought $147 seemed like a bargain for a 32-inch HDTV, well, then, $97 is a downright steal.

Best Buy: Panasonic 55-Inch 3D TV, $899

Model Number: TC-L55ET5

Specs: 55-inch, 1080p, 120Hz, 3D, WiFi

Bottom Line: At $900 , this Panasonic TV is half off of its original price of $1800, and $500 less than the $1400 this model was selling for as of Monday 11/19—that's a whole lot of dough you're saving. And you don't have to spend any of it on 3D glasses, as this TV comes with four pairs.

When you connect it to your Wi-Fi network, you can use this TV to access a variety of Web content, including CinemaNow, Netflix, and Facebook. We haven't laid eyes on this one yet, so we can't comment on its image quality, but we can say this: this set offers great features and size for its price.

Best Buy: Toshiba 40-Inch HDTV, $180

Model Number: 40E220U

Specs: LCD, 1080pp, 60Hz, 2 HDMI inputs, PC video input, USB port

Bottom Line: Earlier this week, this Toshiba HDTV was selling for $420. On Black Friday, you can get in stores for $240 less.

That's a great deal on a good-looking TV that's big enough to be seen, but small enough that it won't overpower most rooms.

Kmart: RCA 42-Inch Plasma HDTV, $200

Model Number: 42PA30RQ

Specs: 42-inch, 720p, 600Hz, 3 HDMI inputs

Bottom Line: It normally retails for $450, so getting this 42-inch plasma for $200 is a great deal.

Kmart: Proscan 50-Inch HDTV, $288

Model Number: PLCD5092A

Specs: LCD, 1080p

Bottom Line: We don't know a whole lot about the specs on this TV, but we do know this: $288 is cheaper than cheap for a 50-inch TV that usually sells for $700.

Best Buy: Toshiba 50-Inch HDTV, $400

Model Number: 50L2200U

Specs: LED, 1080p, 60Hz, 2 HDMI inputs, PC video input, USB port

Bottom Line: This 50-inch Toshiba LED HDTV has plenty of features, making it a decent deal at its regular price of $800. Earlier this week, it was on sale for $550—that's a pretty good bargain.

But as of Black Friday, you can get this TV for just $400 at Best Buy—half off its original price. That may be an offer that's too good to pass up.

Best Buy: Samsung 55-Inch HDTV, $800

Model Number: UN55ES6100FXZA

Specs: LCD, 1080p, 120Hz, 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, Ethernet and Wi-Fi

Bottom Line: It's hard to find a quality, 55-inch TV for less than $1000. It's even harder to find a 55-inch smart TVone that lets you access CinemaNow, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and more, for that price. That's why this TV lists for $1900, and early this week was on sale for $1100.

But on Black Friday you can get it for just $800. In terms of the performance and features for the price, this deal may be the best one we've found.

Walmart: Vizio 60-inch HDTV, $688

Model Number: E601I-A3

Specs: LED, 1080p, 120Hz, WiFi, 4 HDMI inputs

Bottom Line: Walmart's list price for this TV is $1300. Its sale price is $998. And it's Black Friday price is $688.

Vizio's sets typically are on the less expensive side, but usually deliver good performance for the price, making this a big-screen, big-time bargain.

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