Say cheese! This Instagram costume takes real photos

Eric Micotto

Halloween is fast approaching, and we've already seen some awesome geeky costumes so far. Take, for instance, this Instagram costume created by photographer Eric Micotto.

It might just look like an oversized Instagram app icon, but Eric's costume is actually a fully functional camera system. The costume uses a Nikon D800 that instantly sends photos to an iPad screen on the back.

Eric Micotto

Eric rigged together his own version of the Instagram camera by equipping his Nikon D800 with an Eye-Fi SD card and a wireless router to transfer photos to his iPad. According to PetaPixel , Eric linked his iPad to the Eye-Fi card using the ShutterSnitch app.

Meanwhile, Eric made the rest of the costume using an blown-up image of the Instagram app printed onto sheets, a cardboard frame, and a lot of gaffer tape to hold the electronics in place.

What will you be dressed as for Halloween? Leave a comment.

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