Memoto is a wearable lifeblogging camera that captures your entire existence

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Memoto co-founder Oskar Kalmaru wears the Memoto Orange prototype.

Since you got that smartphone, you’ve probably been taking more photos than ever before—from the things you eat to the squirrels you meet. With the increasing number of photos people are sharing on Instagram and Twitter, we all might as well start lifeblogging our entire lives.

A group of Stockholm-based entrepreneurs believes this too, and they want make a seriously small, wearable camera called Memoto that will lifeblog your existence for you. The Memoto is a postage stamp-sized, five-megapixel camera that you can clip to yourself to capture a visual record of your entire day.

A month ago, we saw a similar wearable, automatic camera called the Autographer that promised to take photos based on set of sensors. The Memoto is different because it deploys a catchall approach by taking a photo every 30 seconds.

The camera has absolutely no controls or buttons, so you just clip it on to you clothes to start recording. According to company behind the Memoto, the camera is equipped with a rechargeable battery and 4GB of internal storage that lets it shoot a total of 4000 photos for two days straight. Of course, you can stop the camera by putting it down or slipping it into your pocket.

On top of capturing pixels, the Memoto comes equipped with a built-in GPS to show you where you were when the photo was snapped. It also has an accelerometer to make sure all the photos you snap are oriented correctly even if your camera is clipped on diagonally.

After you're done with a day of lifeblogging, you can hook it up to a computer to transfer the images. Memoto also offers an online storage service (at a undetermined flat monthly fee) in case you don’t have enough space to keep all your daily images; you can access the service using an iOS and Android app or a Web browser.

Sample photo and GPS data from the Memoto prototype camera.

The Memoto team is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund production. If you’re interested in buying your own personal photo-logging device, you can still get a second batch Memoto for $249 as of this writing; this second batch is expected to arrive by March 2013.

So far this is the third wearable camera we’ve seen recently, including Google Glass. At this rate, photo lifeblogging could take off just in the future similar to the way JustinTV and livestreaming in general exploded when everyone started using webcams.

Would you photo-log your life? Leave a comment.

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