Move over, Roomba: Hom-Bot Square vac-bot sees in the dark and clears corners

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Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ideas. That’s exactly what happened with LG’s latest household cleaner offering, the Hom-Bot Square. While it may look like another Roomba offshoot, its design and technical features might leave the Roomba shaking in a corner.

Hom-Bot Square (formally the Hom-Bot 3.0) works off a basic concept that many look for in a vacuum cleaner: It gets into all the corners, thanks to its square shape. Switch on the robot, and it wirelessly gets working. It follows one of seven specific routes to make sure it cleans the entire room.

The Hom-Bot Square uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles, along with two cameras: One camera on top helps it judge the ceiling in relation to the floor (a method known as Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), and another on the bottom that helps the robot map out the room The top camera can also see in the dark thanks to a highly sensitive sensor and wider lens aperture.

The sensor system remembers obstacles so it knows to avoid them the next time it takes a lap around the room—that's good news for table legs everywhere. Robot Buying Guide notices that Hom-Bot Square will only remember this information if you don’t pick it up and move it far elsewhere, though.

Unfortunately LG hasn't announced a US release date for the Hom-Bot Square just yet, but it’s already available in some parts of Europe for around €650 (or just over $840).

Who would win in a battle of the clean between a Roomba and the new Hom-Bot? That is a race I would love to watch, especially if it means I don’t have to do the cleaning later.

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