Robots learn 'Gangnam Style,' are too busy dancing to take over the world


Meet the CHARLI family. They're an award-winning group of humanoid robots that were developed to assist in the study of bipedal walking and autonomous behaviors. CHARLI-2, for example, was Time Magazine's 2011 Best Invention of the Year and it won the Louis Vuitton Best Humanoid Award at RoboCup 2011. It even took first place in the AdultSize League for autonomous soccer.

With so many accolades behind it, can you guess what happened its developers did next? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they taught it how to dance Gangnam Style.

If you're reading this, chances are you've already had the opportunity to grow sick and tired of PSY's now-ubiquitous ode to the "posers and wannabes" of the Seoul's opulent Gangnam district. A global phenomenon that would do Gary Brolsma of Numa Numa fame) proud, the Gangnam Style craze appears to have transcended flesh to infect the robotic population as well.

Of course, the CHARLI robots are not the only ones to catch Gangnam Style Fever. YouTube currently plays host to a panoply of videos centered around robots performing the trademark routine. From this adorable performance by NAO to an assortment of BIOLOID-related shows, they're everywhere—proof that infectious music does not recognize physiological composition.

[But can they Bernie Lean? —Ed.]

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