Be lazier than ever with the self-making bed of the future


While we don't really make it a habit of talking about stuff that has been circulating through the Web for a while now, I'm going to make an exception for this unusual bit of home furnishing. Apparently, thanks to Spanish furniture maker OHEA, a bed that automatically tidies itself after your afternoon siesta is now a thing.

At least, it's on its way towards being a thing—OHEA doesn't appear to be taking orders just yet. Still, the idea of a self-making bed is something straight out of a domestic science-fiction fantasy. As reported by Digital Trends, OHEA's 'smart bed' functions a lot like your average bed—until you press button on a remote or after it's been empty for at least three seconds, anyway.

That's when the mechanical sorcery happens. Mechanical arms extend to grab ahold of the blankets and move them back to the head of the bed. It raises the pillows into the air at this point, and straightens them up with help of some attached cables. If it all works as advertised, it should take only 50 seconds to make your bed picture-perfect. It has a safety mechanism in place to make sure it doesn't go about making your bed while you're still in it.

Sadly, we don't know much else about it aside from the fact it will come in five different sizes. Nonetheless, we'll keep you informed if we hear of more. For now, quit procrastinating and go make that bed of yours already.

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