Crazy expensive coffee maker brews the coffee of the future

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How much do you love your morning coffee? Enough to brew it yourself every morning? Probably. Enough to grind fresh beans for every brew? Maybe. Enough to pay $11,111 for a coffee machine? No, we didn't think so. In any case, such a coffee machine does exist—the Blossom One Limited.

Made by a team of coffee-loving engineers, the One Limited is obviously aimed at real coffee enthusiasts who can also spare a five-figure chunk of change on their coffee maker. First noticed by The Verge, the makers of this high-end coffee machine claim that it's the most accurate one on the planet. It's designed to give you precise control over water temperature through the entire brewing process, and its water-volume control is accurate within 1 percent. That is some precise coffee making.

Not only is the One Limited super precise, it's also the coffee maker of the future. For $11,111, you won't get just a simple coffee machine; you'll get one with built-in Wi-Fi "to access Blossom’s suite of connected features and brew recipe sharing," according to the company.

The One Limited is supposedly very easy to use, despite its complex operation, and is also very silent thanks to super-quiet air pumps. While it's probably not going to be the next coffee maker you buy, you might see it in your favorite coffee shop. If that happens, we could see cheaper, more practical versions of Blossom coffee makers.

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