Point-and-Shoot Cameras Still Beat Cameraphones — For Now

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Unlike the Droid X, the iPhone 4 doesn’t have any scene modes. But its image-processing capabilities did a nice job of dealing with tricky situations. The photo below was taken in a saloon that was mostly dark, except for the light seeping in from the open door in the background. The picture isn’t perfect, but it’s better than I expected:

And while the iPhone doesn’t have a macro mode, it’s surprisingly good at focusing in on small objects from a short distance:

iPhone 4 camera vs. Droid X camera is one thing, but such comparisons don’t tell you how these cameras compare to a modern point-and-shoot. So on the Fourth of July, I snapped photos at the Independence Day parade in Solvang, California using three cameras: the ones in the iPhone 4 and Droid X and the Sony Cyber-shot HX5V which I bought a few months ago. For testing purposes, I shot about a hundred photos per device. Natural light was available in vast quantity and I wasn’t trying anything as demanding as a portrait–and just about all the pictures I took looked decent:

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