Photo Contest: Hot Pics for June

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

6/7/10 Hot Pic: "The Apple of My Eye" by Alistair Cowin, San Francisco, California

Alistair took this photo with a Canon EOS 5D.

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6/14/10 Hot Pic: "Day of the Dead Fireworks" by Carlos Giddens Jr., San Antonio, Texas

Carlos says: "I took this picture with a Canon PowerShot SD 450 set to Fireworks mode. I set my camera on a tripod and had to take several pictures before I was able to get the timing right."

6/21/10 Hot Pic: "Heavenly," by Justine Veloza, Carlsbad, California

Justine says: "I took this photo at the top of Heavenly Mountain in South Lake Tahoe. It's my friend's snowboard, and the clouds in the background, along with Lake Tahoe, the scenery is incredible. I used a Nikon CoolPix S570."

6/28/10 Hot Pic: "Angel" by Jessica Mavin, Miami, Florida

Jessica radically reimagined this photo of her daughter in Photoshop CS3, adding water effects, reflective surfaces, and even a pair of wings.

6/7/10 Runner-Up: "Timpani" by Myka Peterson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Myka says: "I shot this in aperture priority mode with my Canon PowerShot S90, then desaturated it and cranked up the contrast, highlights, and shadows in Canon Digital Photo Professional."

6/14/10 Runner-Up: "Division" by Alyn McConnaha, Topeka, Kansas

Alyn says that he used his Olympus SP-550 UZ to take this shot in Smoky Mountain National Park. The upper half of the photo is a leaf-covered bridge; the lower half is a stream; and the halves are divided by the moss-covered wooden railing of the bridge.

6/21/10 Runner-Up: "Out for a Bite," by George Fritzsche, Carmel, California

George reports that he took this photo with his Canon Digital Rebel XSI.

6/28/10 Runner-Up: "Bald Head Island" by Gordon Williams, Greensboro, North Carolina

Gordon took this photo with a Canon EOS T1i. He says that he captured this scene of his kids playing on Bald Head Island near sunset, and made no changes to the photo.

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