Infographic: The different types of headphones illustrated

Whether your favorite audio device came with bad headphones (or no headphones at all) or your trusty cans have seen better days, at some point everyone is in the market for headphones. But what’s out there and how do they compare? Here’s a look at the various types of headphones available, plus what’s good and not so good about them.

Note that many headphone models now include a small module, right on the cable, with a microphone and one or more remote-control buttons, much like the inline remote on the iPhone’s stock earbuds. At the minimum, the remote features a single multi-function button for controlling media playback and making, taking, and ending phone calls. Models designed specifically for use with Apple devices also include dedicated volume-up and -down buttons.

For more details, as well as specific model recommendations, see Macworld's full headphones buying guide. And don’t forget to protect your hearing no matter which type of headphones you choose.

Illustrations by Chris Philpot

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