Researchers Develop Prototype for Ultra-HD Display

NHK's (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) Science and Technical Research Laboratories have unveiled their latest Ultra HD plasma display, one-fourth of a Super Hi-Vision display they hope will ultimately replace today's HDTV technology.

We've covered NHK's march towards Super Hi-Vision (SHV) in the past, when the company demonstrated sensor technology for capturing 7,680-by-4,320 pixel images. Their latest prototype measures in at 58-inches, and demonstrates the strides they've made towards achieving their goal of a 0.3mm pixel pitch display.

Pixel Pitch is a measure of the distance between pixels. When NHK started working towards Super Hi-Vision, the pixel pitch of a plasma display was about 0.9mm. Their 58-inch prototype's display is tantalizingly close, offering a pixel pitch of 0.33mm. NHK currently hopes to expand their prototype into the 100-inch class, offering "ultra-high-definition" for the home.

The technology is still a long way from your living room, but the video below offers a peek at what NHK has in store.

[Engadget via DigInfo]

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