Photo Contest: Hot Pics for April

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

4/5/10 Hot Pic: "You Ate My Last Cookie?" by Cindy Graf, Waco, Texas

Cindy writes: "I took this picture of our two boxers. I had just bought a SB600 flash for my Nikon D70 and was trying it out. This was not the shot I was after, but it's about the funniest shot I have ever gotten!"

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4/12/10 Hot Pic: "A Snowy Night" by Johnnie Tate, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Johnnie says he took this photo in his neighborhood with his Kodak DX4530, set to a 1/2-second exposure.

4/19/10 Hot Pic: "Blue Moonlit Night" by Jason Iffert, Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Jason says that he took this photo with a 15-second exposure on a cold, moonlit night. He used a Canon Power Shot A590 IS.

4/26/10 Hot Pic: "Down to the Last Drop," by Cindy Graf, Waco, Texas

Cindy says: "I was walking around the ranch when this little thorny vine caught my eye. I used a water bottle to create some water drops and started shooting. I shot this with my Nikon D70 using a 60 mm macro lens and a flash."

4/5/10 Runner-Up: "Sunset off Samana" by Phil Pelkey, Jericho, Vermont

Phil writes: "Here's a photo I took with my Canon XTI while on a Caribbean cruise off the coast of Samana. When a hole opened up in the heavy overcast to spotlight this small rock island it was like a window from the sky."

4/12/10 Runner-Up: "Fresh Rose" by Sonya, Gatineau, Quebec

Sonya writes: "I took a photo of this rose near a window using my Canon Rebel XSI. I then made the white and red more vibrant by playing with the contrast, shadows, and lighting in Photoshop. That made the water drops more clear."

4/19/10 Runner-Up: "Niagara Winter" by Thurupathan Gnaneswaran, Niagara, New York

Thurupathan writes: "I took this picture on an especially cold night at Niagara Falls. The trees are frozen and the water is cold, but the colors are beautiful." He shot the scene with a Canon EOS 20D.

4/26/10 Runner-Up: "The Good Neighbor," by Nicolette Wain-Lowe, Centralia, Washington

Nicolette says that she took this photo with a Canon Rebel XTi one early one morning after a heavy snow fall, as she watched a man clearing his neighbors' driveway.

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