Report: Best Buy Charging Consumers To 'Sync' 3D Glasses

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With the growing number of 3D TVs hitting the market, it comes as no surprise to learn that some retailers may be taking advantage of uneducated customers.

A recent report on HDGuru claimed that the Best Buy's Geek Squad tech support service now provides a new 3D glasses "synchronization" service, as part of a special package that includes a 3D HDTV, Blu-ray player, and in-home setup.

But what does this "syncing" service entail, exactly? It seems that some Best Buy employees may not be entirely sure: According to the HDGuru report, employees from three Best Buy stores gave HDGuru three completely different explanations of the $150 service. After receiving these differing responses from trained Best Buy employees, HDGuru contacted the company itself for further comment.

However, the included Samsung 3D glasses don't require any syncing at all. You simply turn the battery-powered glasses on, wear them, and stare at your TV. The glasses then work via an infrared pulse so no synchronization is required.

Best Buy has since explained that the 3D installation service is intended for customers who are not "quite sure how the 3D glasses work," adding that they may not be aware that "the glasses automatically sync with their new 3D TVs". You can find more details, including Best Buy's full response, in HDGuru's story.

[Via The Inquirer]

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