Unrestricted 3D TV: 64 Viewing Angles, Zero Glasses

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Sunny Ocean Studios has announced that its working on a television display that can display 3D video without the help of 3D glasses. While similar glasses-free 3D TVs that we saw at CES had a limited number viewing angles (around 8 or 9), Sunny Ocean Studios claims that its 3D panel will have a whopping 64 viewing angles. The company plans to demonstrate the display at next month's CeBit show in Germany.

Despite all the attention that 3D displays have received recently, the limitations of the technology are often swept under the rug. For example, the majority of consumer televisions sold this year will require expensive active-shutter glasses to produce the effect.

The fact that current glasses-free 3D technology is often limited to single-digit viewing angles means that you can only watch the display from certain angles in order to avoid seeing a blurry mess instead.

Sunny Ocean Studios currently has a prototype 27-inch screen that makes use of the 64-viewing-angle technology. The company claims that the technology uses "64 individual frames for the different perspectives in each 3D image." The press release is scant when it comes to details beyond that.

We don't yet know what display resolution the technology currently supports, or if content developers will have to create those 64 individual frames (or whether the display will convert current 2D/3D signals on its own).

Here's hoping next month's CeBit show will clear up these questions--and others--regarding this promising 3D technology. We're gradually inching closer to a 3D viewing experience that's as unrestricted as 2D viewing, and that is what it'll take for 3D to take the living room by storm.

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