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The NAMM show, put on by the International Music Products Association, is one of the largest music product trade shows in the world. The 2010 NAMM Show took place this weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA, and companies from all over the music industry were busy unveiling a wide variety of new products all across the board. The following is a quick list of some of the things that particularly caught my eye.

For the DJ or Producer

Ableton and Serato: The Bridge: Two superstars in the music industry collaborated to close the gap between producing and performing.

Serato Scratch Live is a vinyl emulation software that allows you to use audio files (like mp3, wav, aiff, ogg, etc.) and transfer them onto a time-coded vinyl or CD to be used like an actual hard copy.

Ableton is a DAW that is geared towards being used as an instrument for live performances and is used for composing and arranging music, as opposed to music editing on a step sequencer.

“The Bridge” closes distance between making beats and performing with them. Using an integrated interface that is a blend between the two programs, you can do things like create/load your own multi-track mixes and control them using your DJ equipment to fire off samples or cut to certain parts of songs/mixes; or you can also easily create mixtapes with the software by performing your mix with Serato and then recording/chopping it up and adding effects with Ableton.

There is no set release date for The Bridge, but owners of both Serato Scratch Live and Ableton 8, will get it for free.

Allen & Heath Xone:DX DJ Controller For Serato ITCH: Allen & Heath and Serato Audio collaborated to create a new Plug’n’Play DJ controller designed for Serato’s ITCH software. ITCH is a venture into a world of DJing without the use of turntables or CD players.

ITCH is a 4-deck DJing application that comes with a comprehensive set of digital FX, looping, and time stretching. Controllers like the Xone:DX have recently gained popularity and some recognition in the DJing scene.

The effector knobs, faders, and buttons give the user a considerable amount of control and has a decent learning curve. Combined with the power of ITCH, the Xone:DX is a powerhouse.

The Xone:DX is a powerful 24bit/96kHz audio system that is comprised of a 20-channel USB 2.0 soundcard and MIDI controller that can send up to 168 individual MIDI control messages. There are two dual layer deck simulators, which are aided by effects in a 4-channel layout, mix outputs via RCA and balanced XLR, and RIAA/phono inputs for external decks. The Xone:DX designed for Serato ITCH, it actually comes with a full version copy of the software. You can pick up this versatile, next-gen DJing utility for $1299.99.

Korg KAOSSILATOR PRO: The KAOSSILATOR PRO, the latest addition to the KAOSS family,is the evolution of the popular dynamic-phrase synthesizer and loop recorder that we all came to love back when it was a bright yellow brick back in 2007.

The KAOSSILATOR PRO utilizes the same intuitive X-Y touchpad, 31 selectable scales, and gate arpeggiator as its predecessors. There are now 200 programs, including synths, drums, FX, a various instruments, and fifteen vocoder programs.

The sounds are said to complement all styles of electronic and dance music including techno, house, breaks, hip hop, R&B, reggae, and electro. It also features a new PCM sound generator, which offers realistic drum sounds.

There are 4 recordable loop banks that have unlimited overdubbing and 8 programmable memory buttons that allow quick access to your favorite sounds. Recording from external devices is possible using the line input. Loop data and user settings are managed by SD cards that can be swapped between different KAOSSILATOR PRO units.

You can save and backup loop recording data onto your computer for use with a DAW via USB and use the KAOSSILATOR PRO as a midi controller via MIDI in/out. It will run for $460 MSRP.

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