Sony Shines at CES: Shows 3D HDTVs, Cool Cameras, and More

High-end home theater systems, 3D-capable Blu-ray players, and camcorders that capture video in 360 degrees are just a few of the products Sony is showing at CES.

Bravia LX900: HDTV in 3D

Sony's HDTV lines will be getting a makeover in 2010, thanks to the 12 new series of televisions that the company announced at CES. The new models will start rolling out in spring and continue in summer with the company's first 3D offerings.

At the top of the heap is the Bravia XBR-LX900 series. This 3D-capable model will be available in 40, 46, 52, and a whopping 60-inch sizes, and features Sony's sleek new monolithic design. It also features edge LED backlighting, has Motionflow PRO 240Hz smooth motion technology, an intelligent presence sensor, and integrated Wi-Fi. This series is the only of Sony's three 3D models to include two pair of active shutter glasses (by RealD) and to integrate the emitter for the glasses.

Bravia NX800: A New Look for HDTV

Not all of Sony's new TVs are 3D-capable, but on a model like the Bravia KDL-NX800, you may not miss the functionality. This TV, Sony's top-of-the-line series (outside of its 3D models), features the monolithic design that Sony is showcasing at CES. It's a mouthful of a term to describe the sleek design and edge-to-edge glass. Even the base is a study in modernist classicism, a flat brushed metallic surface that's functional and unobtrusive. The front panel lacks disruptive inputs; instead, it has touch-sensitive buttons (or, you have to reach around the side to access the inset control panel).

The Bravia KDL-NX800 TVs start at $2800 for the 46-inch model; a 52-inch model will cost $3400, and the 60-inch model $4600. All feature the monolithic design, Motionflow 240Hz, and integrated Wi-Fi.

BDP-S770: Blu-ray in 3D

Sony's HDTVs aren't the only 3D-enabled products the company is debuting. Sony also announced three new Blu-ray players, all of which feature 3D playback, Wi-Fi connectivity, 1080p support, and the ability to stream online video content from the Bravia Internet video platform, which includes providers like Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand.

The BDP-S770 (pictured here) is the high-end model; it features an ethernet jack in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity. It also offers IP noise reduction and HD upscaling for improving the quality of online video. And, like all of the new Blu-ray players, it will be compatible with an iPhone and iPod Touch application that will allow you to use your Apple device as remote control.

BDV-HZ970W: A High-End Home Theater

A high-end HDTV deserves a high-end home theater system, and to that end, Sony is launching a line of Blu-ray Disc home theater systems. The 3D-capable BDV-HZ970W is the top-of-the-line model, featuring full 1008p resolution, 1000 watt Sony S-Air surround speakers, and a wireless adapter for accessing the Bravia Internet video platform (which includes providers like Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand) and BD-Live features.

Sony Dash: An Internet Tablet

Sony was just one of the companies to jump on the tablet craze at CES, launching the Dash, a tablet-like device. Sony calls the Dash "a personal Internet viewer" and it is, in fact, more of a personal media player than an actual tablet, as it doesn't run an OS. You can watch videos on upright on the Dash, like a TV, or lie it flat and use it a tabletop Web browser or e-reader. It also offers access to video and audio content from Sony's Bravia platform.

Bloggie MHS-CM5: Pocket Camcorder

Sony has redesigned its line of pocket camcorders and christened them with a new name: the devices formerly known as the Webbies are now called the Bloggies. The Bloggies will be available in two models: the MHS-PM5 (a candy-bar style device, similar to the Flip) and the MHS-CM5, a more traditional style camcorder, pictured here. Both capture high definition 1920x1080 MP4 video and 5-megapixel still photos, are designed to help you upload content to the Web easily, with embedded software and built-in USB arms.

Bloggie MHS-PM5K Offers 360-Degree Video Capture

Sony also will offer a special version of the PM5 Bloggie. Called the MHS-PM5K, this bundled kit features an optional lens that can be used to capture video in 360 degrees. The video resolution is cut back, but the tradeoff is video that gives you a whole new look at the world. You can use Sony's included software to flatten the video for viewing.  

Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V Offers SD and TransferJet Support

The long-awaited TransferJet wireless file-sharing technology is coming to fruition in Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-HX4V. This camera, along with Sony's DSC-TX7, is the first to support the technology, which transfers images, videos, and other files between compatible devices when you simply hold them about an inch apart.

Other notable features about this 10-megapixel shooter: it features a 10x optical zoom, a 3-inch LCD, and can shoot 1980-by-1080 HD video in AVCHD format. It's also one of the first Sony cameras to (finally!) support the SD and SDHC cards, in addition to Sony's proprietary Memory Stick cards.

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