Photo Contest: Hot Pics for November

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

11/2/09 Hot Pic: "The Courier," by Lawrence Gregory Chretien, Jr., Grapevine, Texas

Lawrence captured this photo of a bee among Indian paintbrush when he stopped along the highway to photograph the flowers. He used an 8-megapixel Panasonic Lumix to take the photo.

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11/9/09 Hot Pic: "Tomatoes," by Brian Kolstad, Clarkston, Washington

Brian writes: "My son, Keith, helped us plant these tomatoes a few months ago, and we were finally able to harvest some this weekend. I shot this photo with my Nikon D70 on our front porch and then used Photoshop CS4 to create the high-contrast, muted effect."

11/16/09 Hot Pic: "Grasshopper," by John Litto, Dyer, Indiana

John captured this grasshopper while it was sitting on the sidewalk outside his house.

11/23/09 Hot Pic: "Victory," by Kevin Kelly, Janesville, Wisconsin

Kevin writes: "I was shooting some photos at the local Babe Ruth All Star tournament with my Nikon D40. Afterwards, I took a shot of the team huddling on the field. Then, on the way out of the game, I took a shot of the dusky sky and field lights. It turned out to be such a powerful shot, I merged the two together in Photoshop."

11/2/09 Runner-Up: "Under the Golden Bridge" by Lucianna Rollins, Portland, Oregon

Lucianna took this photograph in Florence, Italy. She shot this from a restaurant at the end of the Golden Bridge using a FujiFilm FinePix J1

11/9/09 Runner-Up: "The Talc Mine" by Christa Saurer, Sunland, California

Christa says that this photo of a dad and his two children exiting a talc mine in the Mohave Desert has "an almost religious or otherworldly feel to me.

11/16/09 Runner-Up: "Web King of the Flower" by Chrystal Lambly, Brown Summit, North Carolina

Chrystal writes: "I used a Canon PowerShot just with natural lighting, and I sat beneath the flower to get this perspective."

11/23/09 Runner-Up: "Monet's Stream," by Sylvia Blair, DeBary, Florida

Sylvia took this photo of a stream in the Adirondack Mountains using a Sony MVC FD83.

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