Photo Contest: Hot Pics for September

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

9/1/09 Hot Pic: "Into the Fog," by Beth Robbins, Abington, Massachusetts

Beth says that she took this photo from Fort Point in San Francisco, using a Panasonic Lumix TZ-3.

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9/8/09 Hot Pic: "Civil War Battlefield," by Darin Short, Gainesville, Virginia

Darin took this photo with an HP Photosmart 735. He writes: "I guess I got lucky, since the sun came crashing through the clouds just as I was getting ready to take this during a day of photographing Civil War Battlefield memorials."

9/15/09 Hot Pic: "Mum," by Diane Leighton, Bellevue, Washington

Diane says that she took this photo with a macro lens mounted on her Nikon D80 and used the self-timer to avoid movement. She enhanced the saturation afterwards using Photoshop.

9/22/09 Hot Pic: "Reflections at Dusk," by Elizabeth Gabriel, Portland, Oregon

Elizabeth writes: "I took this photo looking into a pond at the Water Pollution Control Lab by the St. John's Bridge in Portland Oregon. The ducks were sleeping with their babies, the frogs were croaking. A bird would dip into the pond occasionally and cause a beautiful disturbance on the water."

9/28/09 Hot Pic: "Serenity," by Bruce Grosvenor, Scottsburg, Indiana

Bruce writes: "I took this photo one evening last April from our back yard using a Canon PowerShot SD 890 IS Elph. I used a flash to highlight the cattails in the foreground, giving the photo an almost 3D effect."

9/1/09 Runner-Up: "Gone Fishing" by Diane Beau, West Tennessee

Diane writes: "I took this picture with my Fujifilm FinePix A360 while fishing. I ran across this man, who was taking time out for a nap while waiting for a fish to bite his line."

9/8/09 Runner-Up: "Milwaukee Lightning" by Kyle Stevens, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kyle writes: "I took this photo from the 18th floor of my dormitory a couple of years ago, when I was a college sophomore. It's the closest lightning strike I've photographed." Kyle used a Canon Rebel XT with a 15-second exposure.

9/15/09 Runner-Up: "Little Knees" by Noelia Alvarez, Del City, Oklahoma

Noelia says: "I was enjoying my husband's day off with our kids. When I decided to put them together to take a picture, I couldn't help but notice how small my kids looked next to my husband. So I decided to take this photo to compare their knees."

9/22/09 Runner-Up: "A Long Way to Go" by Christopher Celuch, Westport, Connecticut

Christopher took this photo on Sherwood Island in Westport, Connecticut.

9/28/09 Runner-Up: "Dogwood Sky," by Michelle Dosch, Arlington, Virginia

Michelle says: "I took this on the first warm spring day with a Nikon D3 and 50mm lens. The sun created some nice transparency, and I brightened the image slightly using Photoshop. I could have used additional lighting on the underside, but don't have the equipment yet!"