Porn Stars Invade Apple's App Store

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Um, I'm not sure how to tell you this, but there's a porn star in my pocket.

Okay -- that might have come across the wrong way. Apple has just approved two "porn star apps" into its tightly controlled App Store, you see, and I downloaded them to my iPod Touch. Strictly, of course, in the name of research.

Porn Stars Meet App Store

The apps, developed by Grindhouse Mobile, focus on two porn professionals: Ms. Sunny Leone and Ms. Aria Giovanni. (If those names don't ring a bell, don't worry: That just means you don't devote copious amounts of time to studying the prurient arts.) The programs are both now available as downloads for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

iPhone Porn Star Apps

Baffled? Bewildered? Bedazzled? Be patient; I'll explain.

The cause for confusion, in case you aren't up on all things apps, is that Apple isn't exactly known for letting risqué material into its App Store's shelves. When the iPhone gods approved their first-ever pornographic app this past June -- a sultry little program called "Hottest Girls" -- the blogosphere uttered a collective gasp of shock. In that case, though, the app's approval lasted only a matter of hours before Apple pulled the plug, saying the developer had skirted its censors by adding the adult-oriented content after the review had taken place.

Winning Apple's Approval

So how could an actual porn star app -- make that two of them -- get past Apple's heavily guarded gates? It's simple: The apps may be about porn stars, but they aren't actually pornographic. (I'll pause for the group sigh of disappointment.) The programs are collections of PG to PG-13 photos, along with some limited videos and a porn star-penned blog. Yeah... not nearly as titillating as the company makes it sound.

To be fair, Grindhouse does say it tried to push the boundaries a bit more, but Apple wasn't into it. Its first attempt at a porn star app was shot down for being overly explicit, the company says, so it toned things down to meet the App Store's standards.

Hey, at least the trusty iPhone browser can still access any kind of material you might desire, X-rated or otherwise. That's what I hear, anyway -- I certainly wouldn't have any firsthand knowledge of such matters.

JR Raphael tries to avoid white lies while writing at eSarcasm, his new geek humor site. You can keep up with him on Twitter: @jr_raphael.

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