Advice for Apple: Grow the iPod Touch

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It's no secret that Apple isn't exactly earning praise for rejecting Google Voice. A recent "truth-stretching" response to the FCC about its action didn't help the company's image either.

Speaking of bad press, even though it appears AT&T doesn't have much say in the App approval process, its hesitation to support MMS and iPhone tethering has even earned the cold shoulder from Apple.

But instead of kicking them while they're down, I suggest an opportunity to regain consumer confidence.

Show consumers you support -- or, better yet, embrace third-party options in your products. How you might ask?

Offer a iPod Touch with 3G capabilities.

Apple could manufacture an iPod that has built-in 3G and is meant to be another wireless option to the iPhone.

Scrap the current App Store approval process and allow room for third-party VoIP and messaging options to become available.

AT&T can piggyback on Apple's efforts by offering a data only 3G plan for the device.

AT&T already offers 3G for laptops, so why not extend the service to iPods if it is a possibility? I would imagine there would be a large market for a new iPod with built-in 3G capibilities.

It's not like AT&T prevents its customers from using Skype with Netbooks.

Not happy with Apple or AT&T? What would it take for them to regain your confidence?

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