Wireless Electricity Specification Nearing Completion

The Wireless Power Consortium have announced that they are nearing completion for a new industry standard in supplying electricity wirelessly.

Palm introduced their very own Touchstone to charge the Palm Pre through inductive charging, and even a wireless power solution for the iPhone has been produced, adding to the excitement about the generally 'futuristic' premise of wireless power.

But this new annoucement from the WPC opts to provide an open standard for a wide

range of devices to utilize, rather than have companies develop their own closed formats. The new format will go under the name of "Qi", which is pronounced "Chi" and represents "vital energy" in Chinese. Not quite as catchy as 'Wi-Fi', but give it time.

The Qi standard is currently at the 0.95 specification, edging closer towards a final 1.0 release. Once the standard has been refined for public use, our life long hatred for wires could be over, as the wireless technology can be used to charge a range of portable devices such as phones, cameras, media players and more.

[Via Slashgear]

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