Photo Contest: Hot Pics for June

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

6/1/09 Hot Pic: "Wedding Day Lillies," by Lindsay Schaffer, Salem, Virginia

Lindsay says that she captured this picture at her sister's wedding.

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6/8/09 Hot Pic: "Spiral Staircase," by Larkin Young, Staunton, Virginia

Larkin writes: "I took this photo with my Nikon D90 on a rainy day in Rome at the Vatican Museum... I was surprised by how well it turned out, since it was a handheld shot taken in extremely low light at a very slow shutter speed."

6/15/09 Hot Pic: "Children of the Sun," by Frank Elge, Sarasota, Florida

Frank writes: "I shot this picture with a Kodak P850. I was actually trying to get a shot of just the sun, but when I went through my pictures later, this one stood out."

6/22/09 Hot Pic: "Leaf," by Martina Helton, Stanley, North Carolina

Martina writes: "I took this picture in the golden light of a beautiful spring afternoon. With the sun as my backlight, I captured this leaf with a Canon Rebel XTI using the fill flash to get the right exposure and prevent a silhouette."

6/29/09 Hot Pic: "Caught in a Bubble," by Cindy Graf, Waco, Texas

Cindy writes: "I took this picture of a pine tree with my Canon Rebel XS. I used my editing program to make a reflection of the image, and then used the circular effects."

6/1/09 Runner-Up: "Mist" by Lindsey Neby, Cumberland, Wisconsin

Lindsey writes: "I took this picture hiking to a palace in Sintra, Portugal. The entire mountain top was covered in white fog and gave the entire area a very mythical feel."

6/8/09 Runner-Up: "Clothes on a Wire" by Steve Markey, Atlanta, Georgia

Steve writes: "I took this while on a business trip in Chengdu, China, from a taxi window using a Kodak EasyShare M1033 camera. I liked the juxtaposition of modern and traditional elements throughout the scene, both in the clothing and the bikes."

6/15/09 Runner-Up: "Waiting for Spring" by Joshua Weinberg, Longmont, Colorado

Joshua says that he took this photo with his T-Mobile cell phone, which has a 1.3-megapixel camera.

6/22/09 Runner-Up: "The Soaring Sun" by Michael Reed, Waggaman, Louisiana

Michael says that he took this photo with his Nikon D60 "on the spur of the moment" through the sunroof of his car while stopped at a traffic light.

6/29/09 Runner-Up: "Candles," by Reza Haghighi, Iran

Reza used a Sony CyberShot DSC-W120 to capture a moment on a birthday cake.

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