Star Trek Gear Fit for a Trekkie Lifestyle

When a Spock action figure just won't do, some Trekkies go hardcore and buy the real stuff. Here is a look at Star Trek gear for an out-of-this-world lifestyle.

Star Trek Gear for Serious Trekkies

Real Trekkies don’t just settle for a James T. Kirk action figure, they plop down $2200 for a replica of Captain Kirk's chair from the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

With Paramount Pictures’ Star Trek movie opening May 8, we figure this weekend will be a veritable geek holiday. To pay homage to the Star Trek movie premiere, we decided it’s time to help Trekkies get serious about their obsession by putting together a collection of inspirational Star Trek gear. Mind you, this is not memorabilia, but Trek gear for everyday use.

You may want to cool your warp-drive engines, however, because, sadly, not everything assembled here is for sale--so please don’t blame us if you can’t find that Star Trek USB Web Cam shaped like the Enterprise. The good news is that you can spork over just $20 for a Star Trek eating utensil.

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Star Trek Cell Phones and Peripherals

This Star Trek USB Communicator Internet Phone ($44) looks just like the authentic Star Trek Communicator. The USB phone works with VoIP services iChat, Skype, MSN, and AIM. This space-age beauty comes loaded with 21 different sound effects and a moire LCD screen that spins when the cover is open, making you believe you're truly going where no one has gone before--even though you're just talking to your AIM buddy.

Give Your iPhone Some Trek Style

Transform your iPhone into an authentic-looking Tricorder (free) using your iPhone's Web browser. Simply follow this link ( on your iPhone or iPod Touch. And then tap on the various of buttons for different effects, such as data and biology sensing mechanisms.

Give Your iPhone an LCARS Look

Is your iPhone UI giving you the doldrums? If you’re comfortable hacking your iPhone, you can beam some Star Trek excitement onto your phone. This LCARS Summerboard theme will make your iPhone’s interface mimic something you might see on the Star Trek Enterprise. LCARS, for all you non-trekkies, is short for Library Computer Access/Retrieval System and is the highly stylized operating system used on the Star Trek Enterprise. This free theme does require the iPhone Summerboard hack--something you may not want to get invested in.

iPhone Case Fit for Kirk

We admire the devoted fan that created this neat-looking iPhone case to show his allegiance to the Star Trek series. Though there are no details on how it was made, from the looks of it, it's pretty simple to make. If you don't have an old Star Trek pin, as this fan did, just get a Star Trek decal and glue it to your phone. I wonder if that voids the warranty…

Photo and mod credit go to Andy C.

Star Trek Computer Add-Ons

We are still waiting for an official launch date for the Star Trek USB Web Cam from the folks at Dream Cheeky. In the meantime we can only dream of the Star Trek-inspired video conferencing we’ll do with this plug-and-play space-age Webcam. According to reports, the cam sports red lights from the engines when in use and is compatible with most online chat services.

Captain's Log, Stardate...

"Because of the intensity of the script, at times Shatner brought his work home with him." This hilarious mouse pad ($13.99) is sure to liven up your day with its mangled grammar and poo-poo humor that's bound to engage you in wordplay with Shatner.

Set Your PC Mouse to Stun

Now you can set your computer mouse to stun. This Star Trek Type 1 Phaser Mouse ($90) not only makes "action phaser sounds" but also lets you shoot a laser beam. We were hoping it might actually work as a self-defense weapon, considering its $90 price tag.

Geek Eye for the Normal Guy

We were so inspired by this next series of home-decor-related Trek items, we dreamed up a new basic cable TV show called Geek Eye for the Normal Guy. In this show a group of lovable sci-fi devotees visits an average person’s home each week. Next, the Geek Eye squad shows how to add some far-out flavor to any 21st century decor and wardrobe. Here we see a satin nickel-finish Star Trek chandelier ($189). Though the official product description says nothing about Star Trek, it's glaringly obvious where the artist found his or her inspiration.

Trek Theater

This diehard Trekkie created the ultimate Trek home theater using 15 different tech sources (see the list here)--no doubt for what must have been thousands and thousands of dollars. The end result: the ultimate forever-bachelor pad.

Kirk Throne

If you don't have the dough to spend on a complete Star Trek home theater setup, you can at least own own your own Captain Kirk's Chair ($2200). As an added bonus, this Trek throne of power comes with a series of buttons. We're still trying to figure out whether those buttons actually do anything.

Smells a Bit Nerdy to Me

We have no idea how a Star Trek commander smells, but I imagine it's something like these colognes Tiberius and Red Shirt that range in price from $30 to $40. For lady Trekkies, there is Pon Farr--an out-of-this-world scent guaranteed to impress any like-minded Trekkie.

Trek Threads

Nothing shows your Star Trek devotion more than dressing in your very own Star Trek threads. These shirts sold at the aptly-named Star Trek Mall come in various styles. There is the casual T-shirt (around $20) for wearing at home, and then there is the Star Trek Next Generation Uniform for the office ($32). As an aside, we love the “What Would Spock Do?” T-shirt ($22).

Star Trek Corset

T-shirts and full-body uniforms not enough? Want something sexier? Check out this Star Trek corset ($200) available at the Etsy shop. If you can talk your girlfriend into squeezing into this beauty, you know you’ve found the right star mate.

Live Long and Wear These Funky Gloves

Sadly we couldn't find pricing or availability for these Spock-tastic Star Trek gloves. Clearly modeled after Spock's famous hand signal ("Live long and prosper"), these are gloves to keep the hands of even the coldest Vulcan warm.

Keeping Time in Trek

Modeled after the LCARS display of the Enterprise's computer, this $140 watch (currently sold out) looks so futuristic it just might be unreadable. Seriously, how would you tell time on this thing?

Keeping Trek Time

Carlos Perez designed this Star Trek watch ten years ago for Fossil. Perez says it was a limited run, so you'd have to be a very savvy eBay user to find one nowadays. But any Trek fan worth his or her weight should start hunting, because they literally don't make 'em like that anymore.

Spork in the Road

Good news and bad news! The Star Trek Spork ($20) once ran only as a limited-edition collector's item--and sold out quick. But the good news, according to Think Geek, which sold the item, is that the Spork will be back soon for sale.

Serious Sound

Looking for a pair of suitable speakers to crank some of Leonard Nimoy's vocal stylings? Here is the perfect set. Like the Star Trek chandelier, Davone Audio's $5595/pair speakers don't explicitly say it's Trekkie merchandise, but we aren't fooled. This award-winning speaker system was clearly engineered by a fan of the Star Trek swoop logo.

Star Trek Afterlife

Now you can jet into the Star Trek afterlife with either a Star Trek-themed urn or casket (prices not set). The urn is modeled after some part of the ship's machinery. We suppose the casket is, as well--maybe a photon torpedo.

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