Photo Contest: Hot Pics for April

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

4/6/09 Hot Pic: "The Guardian," by Steve English, Fayetteville, New York

Steve says that he took this photo while on vacation in California, and tried to mimic some of Ansel Adam's techniques while editing this shot.

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4/13/09 Hot Pic: "Weeping Chlorophyll," by Tyler Cordaro, Huntington, New York

Tyler says: "I caught these droplets just as the sprinklers came on outside of the main house of a local arboretum. I used a Nikon D50 and a 60mm f/2.8 lens."

4/20/09 "Hay Season," by Myka Peterson, Mt. Vernon, Iowa

Myka says: "I took this photo on my farm in southern Iowa. I was outside one evening last summer, taking random photos in our yard, when I climbed up on the recently baled hay for a different point of view. I used my Kodak EasyShare C633."

4/27/09 Hot Pic: "Sundown at Long Beach," by Rob Castro, Chino Hills, California

Rob writes: "I could not resist taking a photo of these backlit masts at Long Beach Pier in California. I used my Canon 5D with a 50mm lens teleconverted with a 1.4X adapter. In Photoshop Elements, I layered a gradient fill to brighten the foreground."

4/6/09 Runner-Up: "Magnified" by Pamela J. Hausser, Baldwinsville, New York

Pamela writes: "The red glass ball is a paperweight about 3 inches in diameter. I had just bought a macro close-up kit ... for my Canon D20 and wanted to get really close to something, anything... you know that itch! I put a lamp behind the ball to illuminate it, but I think that the lamp's texture enhances the photo as well."

4/13/09 Runner-Up: "Boats on the Shore" by Greg Makin, Laguna Hills, California

Greg writes: "We stopped to look at the Pacific Ocean on a drive down the California coast, just south of Big Sur. These boats seemed to be abandoned on the beach in a small cove below Pacific Coast Highway.... They were old and a dirty gray, so I converted the photo to black-and-white and colored the boats to make them stand out."

4/20/09 "Tumbleweed" by Stephen McMath, Laporte, Colorado

Stephen says that he took this photo with his Panasonic Lumix FZ-20, "in the brief period near noon, when shafts of sunlight illuminate the canyon."

4/27/09 "Abbie in Wildflowers," by Tim Babcock, Atascadero, California

Tim used a FujiFilm 3-megapixel camera to catch his dog, Abbie, sitting among the wildflowers.

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