The Connected TV: Web Video Comes to the Living Room

The Connected TV: Web Video Comes to the Living Room

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Box or No Box?

Got an entertainment center that's already chockablock with other gear, such as a cable box, an AV receiver, a DVD player...maybe even your old VCR or your new Slingbox? If so, you may be drawn instinctively to a device that includes multiple functions rather than one that handles Internet video only. After all, every box you cram into your setup eats up space, adds to the tangle of cables, and depletes your supply of AC outlets.

Nevertheless, once I tried all my options, I concluded that the best boxes designed principally for Net video--Apple TV, Roku, and Vudu--do it far better than those that merely dabble in it. They offer superior selections of content, and their remotes and on-screen interfaces are better tailored to the task.

I was most disappointed by the only device that eliminated the need for a box altogether: a 50-inch Panasonic plasma TV with integrated support for Panasonic's Viera Cast service. That's because the only Internet video it offered was YouTube. Viera Cast will get a lot more interesting once Panasonic adds Amazon's Video on Demand service, which it plans to do this spring.

Even more interesting: LG, Sony, Samsung, and Vizio all plan to make sets based on Yahoo's promising Connected TV platform, which lets TVs run Internet-savvy applets such as video and audio players. That will eliminate the need for consumers to cross their fingers that their TV's manufacturer will sign its own deals with a full quorum of content providers. The first Yahoo-enabled sets, from Samsung, should be ready by the time you read this.

The day may not be too far off when gadgets like the ones in this review are obsolete, because every TV will be a capable Internet TV. For now, though, if you're serious about watching Net video on your TV, you'll want to find room in your budget and your living room for the right box.

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