An Up-Close Look: Canon's PowerShot D10 waterproof digital camera

Canon releases its first-ever PowerShot digital camera that you can take for a swim.

Introducing Canon's D10 Waterproof Digicam

The star of Canon's recent unveiling of its 2009 models was unquestionably the PowerShot D10 -- quite a feat considering it was the only no-show at the event. Despite the absence of any preproduction models, the Canon PowerShot D10 remained the talking point of the afternoon. To find out all about this exciting and versatile waterproof digital camera, check out the following slideshow.

D10 Makes a Splash

As the first waterproof PowerShot camera, the Canon PowerShot D10 is a bold venture for the company. It will directly compete with Olympus’ Tough range. The Canon PowerShot D10 is waterproof for depths of up to 10 metres, which puts it on par with the Olympus MJU Tough 8000. It’s also freeze-proof (to 14 degrees F) and shockproof (to 4 feet). It will therefore suit a range of outdoor activities, including swimming, snorkeling, surfing and skiing.

Specs and Functions

The Canon PowerShot D10 doesn’t skimp when it comes to built features and components. With a 12.1-megapixel CCD sensor and a DiG!C 4 processor with Intelligent Auto technology, the PowerShot D10 should be capable of taking high-quality photos.

Choose Your Look

With a range of detachable faceplates to choose from, the Canon PowerShot D10 has been designed with both durability and style in mind. The thick casing has been reinforced to withstand water pressure, making it suitable for diving enthusiasts. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to test the camera so we’re unable to report whether the camera sinks or floats. (We’re inclined to believe it's the former.)

Designed for Underwater Use

One of the drawbacks of waterproof cameras is the difficulty of shooting underwater. Canon hopes to remedy this by using extra-large buttons and a 2.5in PureColour II LDC screen. We’ve yet to have any hands-on experience with the Canon PowerShot D10, but operation should hopefully be a breeze.

Easy Access to Controls

The Canon PowerShot D10: top button details.

A Nod to the iPod

If the Apple iPod-flavored marketing is anything to go by, Canon is aiming the PowerShot D10 at young adults with a penchant for skiing and water sports.

Accessories Available as Well

A range of optional accessories will be available, including the wetsuit-like carry case pictured here.

Gadgets for Divers

A range of carry hooks will also be available for the Canon PowerShot D10, including the belt attachment pictured above.

Key features of the Canon PowerShot D10:

* Waterproof for depths of up to 10 meters (32.8 feet). * Freeze proof for temperatures as low as 14°F. * Shockproof to 4 feet. * 12.1-megapixel CCD sensor. * 3x optical zoom with optical image stabiliser. * 2.5in PureColor II LCD screen. * DiG!C 4 processor with Intelligent Auto.

The Canon PowerShot D10 will be available in May 2009 (pricing is yet to be revealed). Stay posted for an in-depth review in the near future.

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